Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video Blog: Rue Mouffetard

Wanting to catch the vibe of my street I've been raving about?!

This video was taken today, on a Sunday morning at about 10:30 am--approximately 4 steps from the entrance to my apartment door. Thanks to the live sax solo greeting us this morning as we left the apartment, I remembered to whip out my iphone and take a video of my street buzzing with true Vie Parisian. 

Now you can start to understand my internal laughs while walking my street having everything look and (especially on occasions like this) SOUND so typically.. French!

***Be sure to notice: The total pedestrian street, the ancient Roman cobblestone, my dear friend Katherine giving me the "I can't believe this is real" look, and also, note that the double take I do with the camera reverts back to the very door of my apartment. 

*Added note: YES, you're seeing correctly: I live across from a wine store, a "naturale" chocolate shop, a beautiful patisserie and an ice cream/gelato shop. (Someone ship me puppy blinders?)

A post of this weekend, still to come!


  1. Oh my god it's amazing. Oh my god the MUSIC. Having all of this at your doorstep is too good to be true.

  2. Okay, so we are going to this very spot and doing the following: eating 3 scoops of gelato, then having 2 new chocolate truffles, followed by yummy flaky pastries (as long as they have icing or cream, or both), and ending it with a bottle of wine (each?). Okay??! ahh! All while dancing and swaying to the amazing musical talent!