Friday, September 28, 2012

Already Street Dancin'

As this weekend begins I can only hope I have a weekend as fun-filled as last weekend!

Last weekend I was invited by a good friend of my sister from her time in India, who now lives in Paris and is a friend of mine (CAN WE SAY SMALL WORLD?!) to spend the afternoon at a market/shopping. He was invited by a friend to another market/festival- and we knew little else about it.

We ended up spending our entire day at Marché Aligre (Click Here!), in the 12th arrondissement- what a spot! It has been dubbed the "heart of Paris" but also it is known for its leftist, communal leanings. We played traditional block throwing games with adorable French kids in the Aligre square (which on some days is reserved for nudist sports?!), watched badminton matches, listened in on a community forum, all the while some people played chess with wine. Not a bad way to spend a weekend, eh?

After a pot-luck shared community meal, the band set up and the real fun began! We all danced, what I assume to be French traditional folk dances--but in all honesty I think it was a free for all. I engaged in dances such as "who can move your feet the fastest" and congo lines with routine shouting. Remember in the movie Titanic, when Rose goes down to the bottom deck for a REAL dance party? That was the vibe of this kick-of-your-shoes-lets-dance-wildly-on-this-cardboard-floor-in-the-street-party. The age range on the dance floor was quite literally 3-80+. Never know what a day will bring..

I captured these quick videos while getting some
water/taking a break. It isn't long because clearly, there was no room for wallflowers.

Alors, Bon Week-end!

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  1. Don't lie, you were totally in the "Rose DeWitt Bukater" mindset AND thought it was nudist day! ;)