Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Waldrops in France- Spring 2013 Edition

What a blur of the past two weeks! I have been very fortunate to welcome my family to Paris--yet again--but this time with even more members! Nine Waldrops, age range from 6-90 *(YES, my grandfather is almost 91 and just traveled internationally to see me!) all joined forces in Paris for an unforgettable family vacation and reunion.

Aside from the must-see's in Paris, we experienced a beautiful Easter Sunday, all-together at the American Church of Paris. Plus, we enjoyed a magical trip to Bourgogne (Burgandy). Easter has always been a favorite family holiday and time, and I am forever thankful I got to spend it with my family again this year. 

Our trip to Bourgogne has been a dream of my extended family for a long time- to visit the Chateau (Bessey-les-Citeaux, just outside of Dijon) where my Grandfather stayed during his service in WWII. I visited 4 years ago, during my brief stay in Nice, France. However, being there WITH my grandfather, hearing his first-hand accounts of the Chateau and France during the war was bone-chilling and amazing.  I felt as though I had stepped into a documentary, except this time with personal, familial implications. As my grandfather is debatably the most social human on the planet, he has remained in contact with the owners of the Chateau for numerous years. They have even visited Kentucky! We were welcomed like dear family, treated to Champagne afternoons and glorious traditional Bourgogne meals. We toured some of the beautiful wine country surrounding the Chateau- complete with a 12th century winery tour. The stories, conversations, and translations I was able to have throughout this stay have reinforced my admiration for my grandfather, and have given me a better and more personal understanding of that time in history.

The entire time my family visited, I felt again like a tourist in France- eating delicious French meals, touring the key sites, and serving as a mini-tour guide for my family. Both of my parents being here at the same time was a great treat, as Christmas it was only my mother and sister. Also, seeing Paris through the eyes of my 6 year old cousin, Lucy, was very special. I loved her excitement with each time we spotted the Eiffel Tour from a different area of the city. All in all, I couldn't have imagined a better Waldrops in France time. As it has now been months since I've been in the USA (but who's counting, really?) it coudn't have come at a better time to have the main parts of the USA that I miss (my family) here with me. Thank you for coming, and for my dear family that couldn't make it- you all were missed!  

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  1. This post made me get a little teary thinking about you there with Poppy. So sweet. :)