Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Funday: Parisian Style

This afternoon, Paris took "Sunday-Funday" to a whole new level! Waking up to an *unusually* sunny, warm, and beautiful (weather-wise) Paris, we took our fun outside today, enjoying this festival and the (also free) Petite Palais across the Seine.

A new friend from school, Kathleen, heard of an art exposition/festival taking place on the lawn at Les Invalides. I am learning quickly...Paris is one large and rotating art exposition. I accidently stumble upon one daily. Though a bit confused on the details, we understood this one to be a "playground for all ages." NATURALLY, we went with out further questioning. There were many "avant-garde" expositions set up on the perfectly manicured lawn, but my favorite (shown below) was this free, public, Stonehenge-replica MOON BOUNCE! And yes, thats the Eiffel Tour on the top of my head.

More than family, fall, afternoon fun alone--this "moon-bounce" had a larger purpose. In reference to this installation, the artist described that his purpose in creation was to challenge the untouchable and sacred qualities in ancient places, such as Stonehenge. He surely accomplished that and more, as we, in the happy company of generations of families and hundreds of others, ran, chased, round-house-kicked, belly flopped, and enjoyed every inch of inflatable-stonehenge today. 

Paris has a beautiful way of making a huge city feel like a small town--bringing together a community with FREE events full of art and culture, ideal for all ages.

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  1. Brent and I and the girls are so happy you are happy in Paris! I've just joined Rotary here, so it's nice to know one of "my" scholars! We're always happy to hear from you!